Writing the Offer - Financial Considerations

It is standard practice to make a purchase offer contingent upon obtaining a mortgage. Because of this contingency, the seller will want the details of your financing plan included in the offer.

Down Payment

In the purchase offer, we will include the down payment amount you will apply toward the purchase. Zero-Down loans are included. Keep in mind that if there are multiple offers on one property, the largest down payment being offered may be the most preferable to the seller.

Interest Rate

Within the purchase offer, we will provide a safeguard against any dramatic change in interest rates between the time the offer is made and when the loan is closed. The offer will not only be contingent upon qualifying for a mortgage, but it will also be contingent upon an interest rate within a certain range.

Shopping for Interest Rates
Seller Assistance

If the house you select is at the top-end of your budget range, we may want to include a request for seller assistance to pay a portion of the closing costs traditionally paid by the buyer or to help "buy-down" your interest rate. Other seller assistance may include having the seller "carry back" a second mortgage to cover your down payment, or even 100% seller financing.

With any of these seller assistance options, you can expect to pay a higher purchase price than if you had handled the financing through a traditional mortgage lender.

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